Come View the Finest Automobiles Ever Made! Wills Sainte Claire

National Wills Meet June 2022

Join us for the largest gathering of Wills Sainte Claire automobiles in history in June, 2022 in Marysville Park, Marysville, Michigan!

The Board of Directors of the Wills Sainte Claire Auto Museum decided to postpone the 100th anniversary of the first Wills car produced, originally scheduled for June of 2021, to June of 2022.

“Our committees looked at the ramifications of the Covid pandemic and decided that it was in everyone’s best interest to postpone the meet for 1 year until June of 2022”,  said Museum Director, Terry Ernest.

“Busing people to events and having banquets with large numbers of people in one room did not seem to make sense.  Also, many venues would not be able to accommodate us in June of 2021.”

Mark  (or in this case, re-mark) you calendars for June of 2022 to be in Marysville, Michigan for the celebration.

More information will be in upcoming Museum Newsletters.

More information coming!!